Nonprofit Fundraising Trends for 2017

Nonprofit Fundraising Trends for 2017

It’s a new year and annual budget planning takes the center stage in making decisions about nonprofit fundraising. You may be looking at the fundraising trends of 2016 to create a path to 2017. What are the key trends to consider? It would be easy to jump into a plan of action according to what others are doing, yet details as to why provide you with more knowledge and power.

Donor to Donor Partnerships

The concept of pairing donors with donors is a rather new trend in non profit fundraising, yet it holds the primary human impulse of helping each other. The newness of it is that most organizations think of having partnerships with their donors as opposed to donors with donors. Efforts toward placing donors together on the their own is your task to consider.

The outcome of a transaction when two accomplished individuals or businesses meet for lunch regarding a shared cause is always interesting. Without the presence of your direction or vision, what they offer your organization is the possibility of creating new funding resources, programs or genius ideas. Their newly established relationship with a shared purpose holds further opportunity for creative fundraising ideas.

As we plant the seed of donors partnering, it opens us to the option of larger donor groups coming together. Two donors may decide to call upon their friends and associates. Your non profit fundraising team may bring a few more donors to their table as ideas become known. It is all about letting them take the lead and seeing where it goes, while you are offering some help as needed.

Non profit fundraising ideas that are focused on networking and mingling further support this powerful trend. Charity fundraising galas no longer seem old hat. Charity golf events and other ideas for fundraising events change when infused with your encouragement for donors to work together independently.

Beyond your Town, Church and School

Being a partner to the grander scheme of things rather than simply focusing on your organization is a strong, current trend.. Thinking of transforming our world or being a part of changing our global society is no longer too grand. There are multiple reasons as why this mindset is beneficial to your non profit fundraising campaign, no matter the size of your organization.

Every time you publish a Facebook or Instagram post and hash-tag your post with #education, #health or #poverty you’re inviting a global audience. Poverty, education, health and sustainability are all global goals.It is seen that the more you tie your non profit fundraising campaign in with global goals the more you reach a global audience. Every community in the world is striving for the same goals.

Your online donation websites for crowdfunding events and other fundraising events have the potential to reach a global audience.Thus more information on our website as to how your cause ties in with global goal, the more donors and participants you’ll captivate. This informs your local donors too – you educate and inform them on deeper level which equates with more donations.

To position your non profit fundraising campaign globally is to open the door for global grants. There are global, national and local grant funds available. Limiting yourself to your local community is fading as we step into 2017 and the future. Applying for these pots of money you can do within your own group, or join forces with other non profit organizations.

Going a step further, to partnership with larger organizations in applying for private foundation grants and government grants is a key fundraising trend. Not only can small organizations gain from the grant writing skills and strategies of large organizations, but their experience and relationships with organizations granting the funds are beneficial. Large non profits have lobbyists and high level staff members whose full time jobs are to know the most influential people.

This trend is true of large organizations partnering with other large non profit organizations. Part of the reason this concept works well overall is that the government agencies and private foundations granting the funds render their grants to those with the greatest need, but also the most knowledgeable. When two or more groups of experts work together they hold collectively more power.

Documentation and Fundraising into 2017

Most people dislike the thought of trends moving towards greater documentation for non profit fundraising. There are ways to make it a little easier for you. This is where online donations websites become essential.

Managing, executing, tracking and reporting of fundraising events can be done from one cloud-based fundraising platform given the current trend. Your crowdfunding event, charity golf event and charity donation website hosted within one cloud-based login makes it easier for you to access. It is also easier to share with all stakeholders, and share reports.

Non profit fundraising software helps organizations to document the success of their online fundraising campaigns. Fundraising software helps to reduce costs and minimize resources by providing easy-to-use management tools for non profit administrators. Organizers can easily track donor information and fundraising progress, manage fundraising event details, sponsors, product sales, and generate numerous reports to help in meeting the growing need for documentation.

Mobile Fundraising Trend

Mobile fundraising is a pivotal trend on fundraising websites and may take more shape on social media platforms. A donate now button included in emails to donors has become more important since many people respond to email on their mobile phones. A mobile optimized charity donation website keeps your organization current in capturing more donations..

Integrating mobile giving as part of your non profit fundraising campaign for each event provides a way for you to further extend the reach of online fundraising. It has become essential for fundraising websites to be mobile so participants, donors, sponsors and community members can interact as well as make safe and secure online donations. Mobile optimized websites allow participants to register, track progress, and send notifications. And it allows donors to make online donations to support your cause via any mobile device.

Mobile fundraising gives you the opportunity to more frequently engage donors while they are on the go. A mobile optimized non profit fundraising campaign increases social media engagement and draws more donors to your donate now button. Donors can easily make an online donation with a credit card using a mobile optimized screen from cafes. Sponsors, volunteers, media and any other community members can access your website at any time for information, to check the progress of an event, read comments and donate.

Experience the features and benefits of mobile fundraising websites through a free trial to find the best tools for your non profit fundraising campaign. DoJiggy Software offers your organization a cutting-edge, responsive platform which integrates your donation website with your events to manage each aspect of your campaigns. Easily register participants, collect donations, sell and promote sponsor packages and manage event details with our comprehensive software that performs on all platforms – mobile and desktop.

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