School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

Many teachers and parents are looking for school fundraising ideas – especially with the downturn in the economy and budget crunches. Creative school fundraising ideas are needed to set your school or school group apart from the crowd. Whether you are raising funds for school tuition, a new computer lab, or enhancing student programs with external resources, we have put together a list of creative school fundraising ideas for your school or educational organization.

With every school fundraising campaign, you are teaching your children about community service and being a part of something larger than themselves. In addition, using a service such as our Crowdfunding Software, will get your students on the computer and customizing their own personal fundraising page. They are not only helping to raise much needed funds, but learning that helping out can be fun and rewarding.

Selecting the Right School Fundraiser

Different school fundraisers require different fundraising budgets, resources, volunteers and time commitments. The following considerations should help you decide on the right school fundraising campaign and help you create a successful fundraising plan.

Selecting the right School Fundraising Ideas
  • How much volunteer time will the project take? Do you currently have committed parents or other volunteers to assist in your planning process? How will your school recruit more?
  • How will students be involved? What roles can students play? Will students be required to fundraise online and if so, what tools can you provide to make it easy?
  • What are the upfront costs and how will your organization cover these?
  • How can you raise community awareness of your school or school group while raising funds?
  • What are you teaching your children through your fundraising campaign?
  • What kind of prizes are you offering to the top fundraisers? Anything that makes the event more fun for kids, means that your event will be more successful and raise more money.

Our 5 Top School Fundraising Ideas

School Walk-a-thons: This fundraiser is very popular and successful for schools. Not only do walk-a-thons work financially, but they also are a great way to bring the community together – encouraging parents, students, faculty and local businesses to participate. A walk-a-thon also offers a “healthy” way to raise money for your school by combining exercise with the cause.

Color Run Fundraisers: Color Runs also work well for kids and make great elementary school fundraisers. Just be sure to use non-toxic color power which is not hard to find or make. When used as a school fundraiser, it’s also a great idea to add an obstacle course or Fun Run theme to the event.

School Serve-a-thons: Another interesting school fundraising idea to consider is to host a student “serve-a-thon”. A serve-a-thon not only provides fundraising dollars to contribute to your school’s operating budget, but also makes a positive impact on the community as students donate hours to helping the community.

Carnival & Auction Fundraisers: Charity auctions can be great school fundraisers. Not only do they bring in a lot of dollars for your school but they are also a great community builder by involving people from your school and community in a meaningful way (i.e. those who donate time, talent and items to auction, volunteers, parents, students and school administrators)

Sales Contests: Product sales are a great way to get students involved in raising funds for your school by selling candy, magazines, holiday items, and gift or discount cards. Sales contests don’t take as much time to manage as a fundraising event, and have the added incentive of competition and awards for top fundraisers. You can also consider hosting year-round school spirit sales on your school website software.

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School Fundraising Ideas by Age Group

School Fundraising ideas by age group

Successful school fundraising ideas may vary from one age group to another. For example, the younger the student is, the more important it is to engage the parent. For older, more tech-savvy students (who spend a lot of time in social media), an online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign may be the perfect fit. Learn more about age-related school fundraising ideas:

Proven Success

At DoJiggy, we’ve helped hundreds of schools raise money online with peer-to-peer fundraising. For instance, Friends School in Detroit raised over $68,000 with a student walk-a-thon. The Geneva School hosts an annual school serve-a-thon that not only raises money for the school’s tuition assistance program, but also donates 3,500 service hours to nonprofit organizations throughout Central Florida.

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