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Non-profit Fundraising IdeasFundraising is a critical aspect of any nonprofit organization. But how does your organization decide what type of fundraising campaign to host. Yes, raising money is important, but that's not the only goal. Spreading awareness of your cause is also extremely important. Your fundraiser should mirror the mission of your nonprofit organization. A great place to start when brainstorming non-profit fundraising ideas is to take a look at our non-profit fundraising strategies. you'll want to look at your goals, budget, resources (staff, time, volunteers) and determine what message are you trying to communicate.

Below we've provided a number of non-profit fundraising ideas. Each of these has proven time and time again to be successful. There isn't one right answer. Just be sure the chosen fundraiser makes sense for your organization. And, remember that fundraisers really take-off when you add an online component. With fundraising software for nonprofits your organization will be able to spread more awareness for your cause and offer a safe place for donors to make online donations, all while saving time and money by increasing your efficiency in managing your event.

Our Favorite Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Wine Tasting Fundraisers

Wine tasting events are very popular social and Valentine’s Day Fundraising events. After all, most people love tasting wines! This makes finding participants for these happening fundraising events pretty easy. If event promotion is done well, you are very likely to attract people outside of your donor base, purely on the popularity and appeal of wine tasting events. Find detailed information on planning and managing a wine tasting event.

Walk-a-thons and Fun Runs

One of our favorite non-profit fundraising ideas is a walk-a-thon, or other pledge fundraising event (such as a run-a-thon, golf-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, etc.). A walk-a-thon event not only raises money for your nonprofit, but also brings people together to support a cause. Members of your organization, individuals and families affected by the "cause" you are fighting for, members of the community, media etc, all come together to make a powerful statement. A walkathon fundraiser provides a great opportunity for raising lots of fundraising dollars via peer-to-peer fundraising. Each individual participant works hard to bring in donations. This can become a very exciting activity for individuals as they are able to create a personal fundraising page where they can set goals, upload images, track personal progress, and then share their page with family and friends. It also allows for competition amongst participants - driving them to earn more in an effort to win prizes and recognition.

Zumba Festivals

The Latin inspired fitness dance of Zumba can be used as a unique fundraising idea for your charitable organization. Help to improve the self-confidence and fitness level of your community members and donors of all ages and motivate them to exercise. Zumba is a fun way to accomplish this and no previous dance experience is needed. Include a raffle or silent auction and a donation table with refreshments to boost income. Read our article on how to organize a Zumba fundraiser to get inspired and start an easy fundraising idea.

Farm to Table Events

Farm-to-Table events are a great opportunity to teach everyone, kids included, about organic farming. Farm-to-Table events may be held at a local farm or community center. Serve a great dinner using all local and organic ingredients. Ask a local chef or restaurant to sponsor a farm to table fundraising event in support of your work. Pair this event with wine tasting to raise money and attract more guests. Bring green energy vendors to the table who’ll sell their products and earn extra income through selling sponsor packages. Read more on how to plan a Farm-to-Table fundraiser.

Holiday Fundraising Events

Holding your holiday fundraising event on Christmas or Thanksgiving opens the door to an additional opportunity. Opening your after party to feed your community members in need is to join in the true spirit of giving. Have each community member donate food, and contact local grocers and restaurants to do the same. Perhaps a local food vendor will organize a service smorgasbord. The extra reward of such a rich and giving after party following a 5k race or a fun run during the holidays will remain in the hearts of your donors.

Crowdfunding for Non-profit Organizations

Color Runs

Nonprofit fundraising campaigns may have great fundraising success with Color Run Fundraisers. Splashes of vivacious hues of color powders being thrown throughout a walkathon or Fun Run is just one of the magical ingredients that make a color run fundraiser successful. The paint is safe for all ages, and everyone will remember the day. Add an after party to bring the community together and offer event sponsors an opportunity to showcase their products and offer samples.


Plan your bike-a-thon fundraising event with specialized crowdfunding software. Participants can send out an email donation request which includes a link to the online pledge page, making it very easy for potential donors to contribute. Nonprofit organizations may add a link to the donation page of their organization’s website, and encourage participants to post links on social media platforms. Encourage healthy competition in fundraising for nonprofits while motivating participants to do more crowdfunding by providing incentives and prizes for the best performers. For example, partner with a local bike shop to see if they would donate a brand new bike for the participant who collects the most pledges.

Community Service Projects

Service to the community, while raising money for your nonprofit, makes this a special fundraising opportunity. Organize groups committed to a service area: nursing home care, park or beach clean-up, help for elderly home owners or feeding the hungry. For the weeks leading up to the serve-a-thon fundraiser, participants solicit donations for their efforts in support of our cause. Top fundraisers and groups are recognized and rewarded with prizes. Serve-a-thon fundraising events are a perfect method to help the particular community you serve and raise awareness of your mission.


Turn your spin-a-thon into a nonprofit community party with a spin doctor DJ, food and beverage vendors, and fun games and contests while people spin on stationary bikes. Ask your local spinning studio to either donate their studio for some advertisement or pay to rent it out for the day. Spin-a-thon fundraising events are a low cost venture in fundraising for nonprofits, yet loaded with energy and potential for high profit.

Dog Walks

Dog walks are successfully held by all types of nonprofit organizations to raise money for their cause. They are not relegated to animal shelters and services who love and support dogs. Yet such organizations are a clear fit for dog walk fundraising. Their popularity is on the rise, as they are a fun and appealing way to gather your community for a non-profit crowdfunding event. Canine costumes may be the highlight of a Halloween party held after a Dog-walk walkathon. Award prizes to the top three individual and team fundraisers as well as the top three dog costumes. Who shall your dog go to the party as? Hold dog-walk walkathons as a fundraiser for your nonprofit any time of the year for a spectacular crowdfunding event. 

Unique Fundraising Ideas for Non-profits

Fred Astaire or Themed Galas

A night of cocktails and dinner combined with a Dance Competition and auction almost sounds too fun! Enthuse your donors to mix it up and show off their dance moves. Precede the event with selling dance lessons in coordination with a local studio. This extra step gets donors involved and mingling with each other before the event and raises awareness and anticipation of these fun fundraising events. They’ll have so much fun that spreading the word will be natural. This type of fundraising event provides an excellent way to target your exclusive high-level donors and VIPs. Make your gala event a VIP spectacle that people do not want to miss by provide great entertainment (magician, music, art-performance, etc.), high-end food, perhaps a celebrity appearance, etc. That will allow you to charge a high ticket price while attracting a large audience and capturing media attention.

Community Clean-ups

Perhaps there is an area in your community that needs a cleanup like an ignored park, land or watershed. Celebrate the environment and your conservation efforts with an After Glow party in the park afterwards. Or perhaps hold a gala dinner the next weekend and show a slide show of photos from your clean-up. Fundraising ideas that go to the heart of your cause and mirrors your mission, such as conservation, truly work. Yet fundraising events that highlight social responsibility are perfect for most nonprofits.

Book Fairs

Book fairs can be fun, educational events. Invite a writer to present a reading of their book to increase ticket sales at your event. Community fundraising events such as these provide a great opportunity to gain awareness for your cause as you'll be promoting the event throughout your community. Approach local businesses to sponsor the event. Offer food and beverage and merchandise for sale. Perhaps bring on game vendors - such as bouncy houses, giant slides, fun games, etc. (note that all sales will have a percentage of profits going to your cause) - Invite popular local bands to perform, helping to draw in a large audience and tap into their followers. Invite radio stations to come on-site at the event and air-live. Online book sales on your fundraising website are also an effective way to extend the reach of your nonprofit fundraising effort.

Silent Art Auctions

When a gourmet charity gala is mixed with an art auction to support your nonprofit, donors will leave satisfied. Hold a silent auction online and at the event. Add a section on your event floor for paintings donated from the community and raise more money for your nonprofit. Invite the donated art of artists in your community. The art forms at this fundraiser can be quite varied with sculpture, paintings, photography and more. Seek an artful, gourmet chef to cater the fundraising event to increase profits.

Film Festivals

Cocktails and movies appeal to most everyone. Bring new donors to your nonprofit by appealing to their love of classic films held in partnership with the local theatre followed by a cocktail party. The gala event can be as simple as wine and cheese. Or perhaps a local catering company would like chance to show off their service and donate their cost in part. A series of such gala events with a film series held over a month offers much opportunity for fundraising and networking.

Charity Golf Tournament Ideas

Golf Tournament Contests

Many nonprofits host charity golf tournaments as a way to raise a large amount of fundraising dollars and gain recognition in the community. A charity golf tournament often attracts large sponsors especially if promoted properly. In addition to the dollars you raise through sponsorships, you can also raise money through golfer registration and online donations. A fundraising golf tournament provides a number of creative ways to raise extra money throughout the course of the tournament. Offer various golf contest such as "closest to the pin" or "longest drive." Perhaps bring in a celebrity golfer to attract a large audience and capture the attention of the media. Consider offering a grand prize for a "hole-in-one" such as a car or vacation getaway or new car. Don't worry, this is entirely possible (and risk-free) when using Hole-in-One insurance.

Have fun with a golf tournament theme! Start from the beginning, with the tournament invitation and carry your theme through the day of the fundraising event. If your nonprofit organization works with kids, add a course for them with a coach, and an obstacle course for another fun challenge. Or if you’re raising money for the environment and conservation add a green theme. Charity golf tournaments are held for many causes. This is an opportunity for you to have fun with your theme, while highlighting the reason why you’re raising funds for your mission. Corporate golf tournaments may be enhanced with a tournament theme.If a scramble doesn't sound exciting enough for your organization, check out these fundraising golf tournament alternatives.

Golf Marathons or 100 Holes of Golf Events

Please your donors with a golf crowdfunding event or Golf Marathon. Golf marathon software tools allow crowdfunding participants to personalize their own page, upload photos or videos and set goals. Crowdfunding teams may meet at the course to practice their game and recruit new participants.

Golf Party and Raffle

Charity golf tournaments can be easily managed using golf tournament software. Create a golf tournament website where golfers register for the event, donors make online donations, and administrators can schedule team pairings, manage sponsors, product sales, generate reports, and more. Instead of the usual plated chicken dinner or lunch, why not create an atmosphere of fun and celebration? Hire a DJ or a band to entertain your fundraising event participants. Create a menu with flair and fun like a taco stand or food stations from around the world. Host a fundraising raffle and sell raffle tickets online and at the golf event.

Virtual Golf Tournaments

Virtual Golf is not a video game, rather it involves real golfing, real courses, and casual tournaments. Host a virtual golf tournament and compete against friends across the country and golfers around the world. Fundraising for nonprofits casts a broader reach in this golf event style, and a golf website does most of the work. Global fundraising is at your fingertips during a virtual golf tournament.

Miniature Golf Events

The great thing about mini golf is that anyone can play... and it only takes a couple hours, rather than an entire day on the golf course. Hosting a charity mini golf tournament is a great fundraising activity for youth sports, school groups and team organizations. Just like a regular charity golf tournament, a mini golf event is fun, encourages team-building, and can bring it a great deal of funds.

Online Fundraising Ideas

Donation Drives

Although this seems like a simple solution, it's often a good one, especially for nonprofits with little internal resources (including staff and budget). For this type of fundraiser, you simply set up on online donation website where donors can easily go to learn more about your cause and make a safe and secure online donation. To promote this type of fundraiser, simply send email blasts with a direct link to you site and be sure to post a fundraising widget on your organization's home page. you'll also want to share on social channels, partner sites, blogs and encourage participants to make posts in their social networks as well to create a viral approach. You may want to consider offering a prize for the best video appeal where people can share a video on YouTube - a great way to spread awareness and drive traffic to you site!

Charity Auctions

One of the easiest yet most lucrative non-profit fundraising ideas is to host an online charity auction. Online charity auctions have become very popular fundraising initiatives for nonprofit and community organizations. A charity auction can bring people from your organization and community together in a meaningful way including employees, volunteers, event attendees, and those who donate time, talent and items to auction off for donations. Not only do auctions have tremendous fundraising potential, but they also require minimal resources and are relatively easy to plan. Using charity auction software, your organization can easily create a charity auction website where you can list all auction items (photos, descriptions, value, etc.) Bidders can easily register, place bids (even select "buy now" on certain items) - they can track items they've bid on and easily pay for all at the close of the auction. Organizing a charity auction can bring people from your organization and community together in a meaningful way including employees, volunteers, event attendees, and those who donate time, talent and items to auction off for donations.

Online Raffle Fundraising

Raffle fundraising can be a very successful way for nonprofits to raise fundraising dollars. The first thing you'll want to do is make sure your raffle prizes are relevant to your target audience. After all, this will be the first question people will ask before they purchase tickets. One benefit of hosting a fundraising raffle is the costs are minimal. Most prizes will be donated and it doesn't take a large team or time commitment for planning. Just be sure to have a compelling pitch in your donation prize request and many businesses are happy to donate great prizes for the exposure they'll receive through your event. Another new idea that follows recent online fundraising trends is to host an online fundraising raffle. Post information about the cause of the fundraiser, as well as an overview of all the prizes. Then provide an easy way for people to purchase tickets right online. Selling tickets via your website makes promotional efforts easier as you don't have to sell the tickets in person. You can now direct people to your raffle website simply by sending a link in an email or posting via your social media channels. Many people prefer to purchase raffle tickets over making a straight donation as they always have a chance to win some great prizes.

DoJiggy Helps Organizations Implement Successful Non-profit Fundraising Ideas.

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Why Special Event Fundraising Works

A fundraising event can be an excellent way for your nonprofit to raise money while bringing members of your organization, supporters and media together for a worthy cause. Keep in mind that planning a fundraising event does take a lot of time and resources. You will need dedicated staff to plan the logistics (vendors, permits, sponsors, media, etc.). You also need to start your fundraising event budgeting and planning months in advance. But, often the financial rewards and increased awareness in the local community make a fundraising event well worth it.

To make registrations and donations easy, use event management software to manage all the details of the event, allow people to register online or make online donations directly if they are unable to attend the event. Be sure to promote your event throughout the community. Send press releases, create event flyers, and start conversation online throughout your social networking channels.