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University Fundraising

University fundraising activities are not only very common, but they are also very effective! University faculty and students often participate in fundraising initiatives to earn dollars for school developmental projects, new technology and materials, as well as to fund extracurricular activities. University fundraising projects benefit from a major resource: people. Whether the fundraiser is sponsored by the university or conducted by a group within, the wealth of interested people—students, faculty, social organizations, sports teams and alumni—is a huge advantage when it comes to raising dollars.

There are many different types of fundraising initiatives available to universities including: collecting online donations, organizing a sales-drive or planning an exciting fundraising event. We've provided a great overview of popular college fundraising themes to help get the creative juices flowing. In addition to choosing your fundraising campaign, you'll also need to consider a number of other important factors including budgets and resources. We've also outlined some fundraising tips to help you establish goals, identify potential donors, create timelines, and promote and manage your fundraising initiative.

Important Considerations for University Fundraisers

Identifying your audience

One important question to ask when planning any fundraiser is identifying your target audience. For college fundraisers, this is usually one of the easier questions to answer, as the audience is typically other students. And, whether they are current students or alumni, they all have one thing in common, a dedication to your University! If you plan to sell actual merchandise, think about "one-of-a-kind" offerings—such as annual calendars with highlights from the school year. Selling university-related objects like logo-emblazoned hats and shirts are always easy to produce and popular with former students. Planning fun networking events where university students, faculty and alumni can mingle while supporting a great cause are also usually highly successful.

Time is of the essence

College students are busy with homework, sports, and various social engagements. Making your college fundraiser easy for students to participate, without consuming too much time will make it much more appealing. This is one reason online fundraising has become so popular! When students aren't in class, at practice or running around with friends, chances are they are checking email, downloading iTunes, or updating their Facebook page. This is when they are most attentive. DoJiggy online fundraising software tools allow students to personalize their own website page, upload a photo, set goals, and track their success against other students, making fundraising a fun, interactive and competitive environment.

There are valuable skills and lessons to be learned

The individual's organizing college fundraisers are young adults, who are discovering their capabilities. They have ideas, are creative, are motivated, and have the ability to lead and inspire their peers. A fundraising campaign is a great way for students to work together as a team, while learning organizational and management skills, managing budgets and logistics, and establishing goals and plans to accomplish them. These are all valuable lessons that they can take with them in their professional lives.

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